California Dairy Sustainability Summit Prospectus

November 5-6, 2020    Cal Expo   |   Sacramento, CA

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Join us as a sponsor and/or exhibitor for the California Dairy Sustainability Summit as leaders from the dairy industry explore new ways to drive progress in environmental sustainability. The summit will provide the dairy industry with one-stop access to the information, technology, and services that can support their efforts to meet environmental standards and improve upon existing models for sustainable operations.

Who Should Sponsor or Exhibit?

  • Dairy Waste-to-Energy Solution Providers
  • Digester Developers
  • Local, Regional, State & Federal Agencies
  • Manure Management Technology Companies
  • Biogas Conditioning Equipment Providers
  • Financial, Insurance & Legal Service Providers
  • Solar Energy Providers
  • Wind Energy Providers
  • Generator-Set & Engine Equipment OEM/Dealers
  • Utility Service Companies
  • Energy Efficiency Technology Providers
  • Dairy Marketing Agencies and Partners
  • Renewable Energy Providers
  • Waste Water Quality Treatment Solution Providers
  • Robotic and Advanced Milking System Manufacturers
  • Animal Health Care Technology Providers
  • Herd Comfort Solution Companies
  • Feed Nutrition Providers
  • AgTech & Herd Management Technology Providers
  • Genetic Services - Technology Providers
  • Dairy Feed Mixing Equipment Manufacturers
  • Irrigation Technology Providers
  • Crop Production Technology Companies
  • Ethanol Producers
  • Milk Transportation Companies

Sponsorship & Exhibitor Opportunities:
Tony Quist, Vice President of Sales & Events
Gladstein, Neandross & Associates
Organizers of Califorina Dairy Sustianability Summit